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$14.95 for one month and $9.95/mo. for one year


The BangBros network is full of highlights and the most popular one is the widely anticipated Bang Bus. It has everything you want in a porn video including hardcore sex and nasty comedy. It starts with three guys driving around the city in search of a hot chick to put in their van for questioning.


It turns out they want more than that as when they convince someone they want her to strip naked in exchange for money. Of course, nothing every goes easy as each girl would either think about it or reject it first. It would sometimes take a lot of convincing before the stripping actually happens.

There is a variety of girls on BangBros as they pick up a big breasted chick sometimes and it is even a college girl who rides with a couple of friends in one video. The guy who does all the talking is also the cameraman. When the chick asks why he is filming everything, he tells her they are film students which is actually a funny reason. What happens after that is a string of funny sequences not much people would forget.

You know you are going to feel hot when the setting of the sex sequences happens to be inside a moving vehicle. You will actually feel sorry for the driver because he won’t be able to see much since his eyes are focused on what is happening on the road. The talkative dude actually gets quiet throughout the entire sex sequences. It is a darn shame because it sounds like he is providing commentary on the entire thing.

Bang Bros always updates with a new episode every week which makes it very exciting. The best part has got to be when the girl bends over exposing her ass to the camera. She puts her knees together and some lucky dude gets to spread her ass like a coconut. There was one time when the dude tried to smell the asshole and the cameraman asks him what it smells like. At first, he tells him it smells like his mother’s ass but after smelling again it now smells like his grandmother’s ass. BangBros sure does spring some funny jokes and the timing is always spot on.

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$17.95 for one month and $7.95/mo. for one year


There are 7273 videos and each one has a gallery each at Reality Kings. All the videos here are available for download and stream. Each gallery contains about 380 pictures each. There is a variety of niches over at Reality Kings including trannies and hardcore stuff you have never seen before. They have started over a decade ago and they continue to keep on rolling.


They have come a long way from the first time they started in the porn business. They have improved tremendously as the search engine makes everything look so easy. The navigation and layout would make any user feel right at home in this adult site. All the sites in the network are consistent when it comes to the looks. They continue to add updates on a daily basis but that is actually not good enough for them as they also add sites as well which is something new for a network. There is a new site on the Reality Kings network where a dude can upload photos of his girlfriend. It is actually a new premise for a porn site which is always welcome in this industry.

Since there are so many sites here, you can’t avoid the fact that some of them have stopped updating. You can’t stop the fact that some guys would get tired of updating their porn sites in order to move on to greener pastures and that is exactly what happened. The old videos here are not that good in terms of quality but that can already be expected as that is normal for any porn site here.

When you sign up with Reality Kings, you will see that they have offers for additional websites checked by default so you must make sure you read everything before signing on the dotted line. There are some websites here that you would love to see updated more often but there is really nothing you can do so that sucks.